Jiangziliao Mountain Trail

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  • Address:In Tai’an Rd., Qidu Dist., Keelung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Located at the foot of Taian Road in Keelung City's Qidu District, Jiangziliaoshan is also known as Sanjiaojiashan, and possesses an elevation of 729 meters above sea level. It's named after Keelung's highest mountain as well as Jiangziliao Settlement on the western side. The four sides of Jiangziliaoshan's mountaintop all feature a wooden observation deck, overlooking Keelung, Xizhi, Taipei, and Pingxi Districts. In total, there are 2375 stairs in the entire sleeper trail. Along the way, you'll pass by Yueya Spring, Xueren Trail and Xueren Community, Tianfeng Valley, Jiangziliao Precipice, Jiangziliao Riverside Park, and in Jiangziliao Valley, you can see abandoned ancient dwellings and yurts. The trails are all located within the woods, however there is no shade. In the middle, there's a split road leading to Qiweilunshan, Baxihoushan, Shimenshan, Taian Waterfall,  and Fuxing Temple Hiking Trail Entrance. Qiweilun is otherwise known as Qizilun or Jiangzishan. It possesses an elevation of 389 meters above sea level. Since during the Japanese occupation era, a Japanese flag flew on the mountaintops, it was called "Qizilun", meaning "Flag Range". Baxihoushan is known by the alternate names of " Baxihoujian", " Xishikengshan", and it got its name from the Taiwanese Hokkien pronunciation of "Diesihoushan". With an elevation of 258 meters, a cornerstone is located on its mountaintop. Although it's not very high, the mountain is still precipitous. It's so precipitous that even monkeys will fall off and die (hence the meaning of its name). Other trails here link Xizhi's Panshiling, Jingtong Old Trail, Longchuanduo, Zhongyaojian, Lingjiao, and other locations. 



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Public transportation
Take Keelung bus 402 to Caojian bus stop; take the South Qidu underground path and follow Taian Rd; it's about 45 minutes by foot.