Keelung Harbor Memorial

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  • Phone:+886-2-24287664
  • Address:Near Zhongshan 3rd Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Keelung City(close go Gaoyuan New village) View on Map
The Keelung Harbor Memorial is located in Keelung's Zhongshan District, on Zhongshan Road, Lane 103. It's on top of Qiuzishan (next to Gaoyuan New Village). Because of Taiwan's strategic position during the Qing Dynasty, much importance was placed upon Keelung. Afterwards during the Japanese occupation era, the Japanese began to transport large quantities of manpower and resources to Taiwan. They chose a natural port: Keelung, to become Taiwan's first modern harbor. At Keelung, a harbor was built. Buildings were constructed at Xiandong and Zhaohe, to act as residences for technicians and staff workers. However during the act of building the harbor, many worker lives were lost. Therefore, this memorial was established in honor of their sacrifice. The memorial is divided into three parts: a memorial path, memorial plaza, and monument area. It possesses a brick exterior, built using flat bicklaying methods. The walls are constructed using brick and stone, the path is constructed of stone, and the overall masonry work is exquisite yet solemn. The monument itself is divided into 5 components: the base, foundation, pedestal, main body of the monument, and the top of the monument. It's built using Western  "eclecticism", and is a contemporary piece of architecture considered to be part of the European style. The memorial plaza was also built in order to pay respects to previous ancestors, but is also an optimal location to overlook Keelung Harbor. Nearby attractions include Xiandong Tunnel, Xiandong Cave (Fairy Cave), and Gaoyuan New Village Port Authority Chief Residence. 


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Public transportation: 
Take Keelung buses 301 or 304 (headed for Taibaizhung), get off at Pier 16 bus stop and walk from there.