Qilan Forest Recreation Area

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  • Phone:+886 03 980-9606
  • Address:No. 6, Sec. 4, Taiya Rd., Datong Township, Yilan County, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Qilan Forest Recreation Area is located at Yilan County's Datong Township, on Taiya Road, Section 4, No. 6. It sits at an altitude of 420 meters above sea level, and covers 1700 hectares. The area's plant nursery is planted with mostly Japanese cedars. There's also the Chiang Kai-shek Museum, a Cherry Blossom-Apricot-Plum-Peach Blossom Trail, flower viewing area, forest trail, Shisixiang aerobics facility, Qilan Shenmu Park, Yannian Bridge, Qiaoshang Pavilion, Yishou Bridge, Wangyou Pavilion, observatory platforms, and more features. Accomodation can be found at Qilan Villa, which include European-style villas and wood cabins. The European-style villa provides double suites, triple suites, exquisite quadruple suites, and even comfortable six-person lofts, while the cabin provides double and four person rooms, and 8-person lofts. There's a large conference room, Chinese restaurant, canyon bar, coffee shop, karaoke, fellowship hall, cinema, parent-and-child DIY activities, and many amenities. The Chinese restaurant features a self-serve buffet breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner. Lunch can be ordered a la carte or set meals, and it's best to reserve a spot early on during the weekends and holidays. The canyon bar, on the other hand, offers drinks and light snacks. 
The forest trails starts out left of the Chiang Kai-Shek Museum and takes around an hour to complete. Fitness facilities are located along the way too. It as originally called Little Taishan Forest Recreation Area, but it is now currently Qilan's native plant species area. 
Qilan Shenmu Park is around 2 kilometers long, and an entire journey takes 90 minutes. It is a convenient place for tourists to view and admire 62 giant trees, mainly consisting of red juniper, cypress, and fir. Every tree is at least 400 years old, and 51 are specifically selected to be conserved due to their ages and are named after historical figures, such as Zheng Chenggong, Zhu Xi, Guan Yu, and Yue Fei. These four in particular are cypress, while the rest are red juniper. In order to protect these trees, you are prohibited from driving here. You have to make an appointment in advance and apply for entrance, and request for a special shuttle. 
Along the way of the forest trail, trees reach the sky. They're mostly broad-leaved tree species. During the winter, there are plums and cherry blossoms, and local Hericium erinaceus are cultivated. You can hear the cries of the Taiwan whistlingtThrush, in addition to bird species such magpies, grey-cheeked fulvettas, bronzed drongos, grey-chinned minivets, bamboo partridges, rufous-capped babblers, and streak-breasted scimitar babblers. There's also butterflies and Formosan rock macques. When visiting, remember not to feed the macques and avoid interfering with nature. 


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Nat'l Hwy 5 → Exit at the Yilan Interchange → County Hwy 192 → Prov. Hwy 9 → Prov. Hwy 7 → Prov. Hwy 7A → Qilan Forest Recreation Area

Take the train to Yilan or Luodong Railway Station, continue by Guo-Guang (Kuo-Kuang) Bus bound for Li Mountain (Lishan) or Nan Mountain (Nanshan), get off at Tuchang stop.
Taiping Mountain (Taipingshan), get off at Baitao Bridge stop. (only run on holidays)