Nantien Temple

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  • Phone:+886 03-996-2726
  • Address:No.17, Jiangxia Rd., Su’ao Township, Yilan County 270, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Su'ao's Nantien Temple is located in Yilan County's Su'ao Township, on Jiangxia Road, No.17. During Minguo Year 35, when local residents went out to sea to fish, the sea conditions were quite dangerous due to a hurricane. Mazu then appeared to rescue them, with her awe-inspiring power. In order to honor her protection, this temple was built. The main building is a southern-styled palace, and is built using traditional wood and stones. The fine wood carvings are both meticulous, delicate, and magnificent. Located to the sides of the Jinmazu Hall are Japanese-style palanquins. These were tributes left by Japanese worshippers. The palanquins are a miniature model, and a Mazu model is carved into the sedan seat. Located behind the incense burner burning paper money, are two pink stone lions carved from Afghan jade.
Nantien Temple mostly worships the Celestial Sacred Mother, Mazu. In addition to the original "Zhendian Mazu" (Nantien Temple Kaiji Mazu), there's also 5 "Meizhou Mazu", brought over from Mazu's hometown of Fujian Province, China, as well as a pure gold "Jinshen Mazu" weighing 203.8 kilograms, and a "Yushen Mazu", carved from 20 tons of jade accquired from Canada. They are the creations of famous artists Liu Wan-zhi and and Ye Shuang-bao. The statues are dignified and magnificent, all while being valuable works of art. Placed on the sacrificial tables of the gold and jade Mazus, are two plates of "well-wishing" sugar each, so that pilgrims may eat and be granted with peace and wellness. Everyday, 500 grams of sugar are provided, and one is taken every time you finish worshipping. Furthermore in the alley next to Nantien Temple, is a six-story tall pilgrim building. It provides worshippers and pilgrims with a place to stay. During the first and fifteenth days of the first day of the lunar month, prayer rituals are held. 



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Public transportation
By car :
From Yilan, go on No. 9 County Route to Suao. 

By bus : 
From Taipei, take the Northern Cross-island route train or take the Taichi Express Bus bound for Suao. 
From Ilan, take the Taichi Express Bus bound for Nanfangao and alight at Suao stop. 
From Keelung, take the Taichi Express Bus bound for Suao and alight at Suao stop.