The Galahe Divine Tree

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  • Address:Galahe, Fuxing Dist., Taoyuan City 336, Taiwan View on Map
Located in developing tribal lands, there are a total of three areas for the Galahe Divine trees. Area A is for the Bajiawan Divine group, Area B is for the Tangsui Shan Divine group, while Area C is for the Kamansi Divine group. Due to a landslide however, Area C is currently inaccessible. It is called Galahe due to its old name in the Atayal language. The sounds  "Gala” and“hou en”originally meant “big and far".“Big” refers to the mountain region's forests, whose trees are very large.  It is located at the Dahan River's most upstream area with the elevation close to 1300 meters, and is home to indigenous Atayal tribes. Area A is closest to the tribal settlement; however it takes a 2 to 3 hour round-trip journey to reach. One can enter by following an industrial road by the tribe's Jiaoshou Farm. Area B contains more than 100 red cypress trees, which are the essence of the area. The journey takes about 6 hours and is an optimal destination for adventure-seeking tourists. 


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To get there, take the North Taiwan Freeway 2. After arriving at the Daxi Interchange, head in the Daxi and Fuxing direction. Then take the Taiwan Provincial Highway 7 for 47.5km. After arriving at Xiabaling, turn onto the Guanghua industrial road. It’s then an 8 kilometer drive to the Galahe tribal settlement.