Su-ao Port

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  • Phone:+886 03 996-5121
  • Address:No.1, Gangqu, Su’ao Township, Yilan County 270, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Su-ao Port is located in Yilan County's Su-ao Town, in the Gangqu area, No.1. In the past, it was known as " Donggang". The total area of the port is 376 hectares, with a sea area being 290 and land being 86. It is a regional port for the Lanyang region, and is used for freight transportation. The port mainly handles bulk cargo, and its cargo handling capacity ranks sixth among international commercial ports. Being one of Taiwan's seven international commercial ports, it shoulders some and eases the burden of Keelung's crowded cargoes, as well as promotes the Lanyang region's economic development. The north and southern side each features "Nanfangao" and "Beifangao" fishing ports. There's 13 piers in total, including a boat pier and 12 operational piers (6 cargo piers, 1 coal pier, 1 oil pier, 2 cement piers, 2 chemical piers). It also possesses 4 complete tugboats, 1 cable boat, 1 patrol vessel, 1 cleaning boat, and more vessels. A port managment information system was established; aside from the commerical port areas of Nanfangao and Su-ao, Beifangao has constructed a military port area by itself, importing coal, fuel oil, paraxylene, slag, steel embryo, potassium sulfate, and more. These goods are mostly handled and unloaded by the side of the ship. Su-ao Port is surrounded by mountains on three sides. If you stand on top of Paotaishan or Yansunan Highway and overlook the port's beautiful scenery, you can see the cape located on the north and south sides of Su-ao Port. They resemble the pincers of a large crab, and the sight is considered to be one of "Lanyang's Eight Scenic Spots". 


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Public transportation
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1. From Taipei, take the Northern Cross-island Route train or and get off at Suaosi Station. 
2. From Yilan, take the bus bound for Nan Fang-ao or Suao and get off at Suao stop.