Plum Blossom Lake

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  • Phone:+886 03-961-2888
  • Address:Huanhu Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Meihua Lake, or Plum Blossom Lake is located in Yilan County's Dongshan Township, De'an Village, on Huanhu Road. In the past, it was formerly known as "Dapi" or "Jinghu (Mirror Lake)". Its exterior resembles that of the 5 parts of a plum blossom, hence the name. It's a natural water reservoir, and Plum Blossom Lake's leisure and agricultural area includes a round lake highway, Plum Blossom Lake Trail, Plum Blossom Lake pavilion, lake viewing pavilion, Plum Blossom Lake Scenic Area, community center, Plum Blossom Lake Tourist Center, stone cultural museum, suspension bridge, an island in the middle of the lake, and more. The Plum Blossom Community Center's barrier-free space features medical treatment rooms, a gym, community office, recreation and leisure center, as well as a community development association, community library, and community cultural exhibition hall. The Plum Blossom Lake Tourist Center provides information associated with Plum Blossom Lake, introductions regarding Plum Blossom Lake's leisure and agricultural area, and so forth. From time to time, they will host industry-related activities. The lakeside features a pier for boating and other aquatic activities. It'll take around 15 minutes for a boat to circle around the lake, and the agricultural region also provides explanations and guides. 
Quite a few species of animals inhabit this area, such as the crested serpent eagle, lesser coucal, maroon oriole, and Chinese bulbul. Fish species include carp, flowerhorn cichlid and, amur goby. There's also Formosan rock macaques, masked palm civets, squirrels, and bats, while plantlife include large-leaved cherries, acacia, chrysanthemum trees, soap-bark vine, low-altitude plants, Chinese cedar, East Asian mallotus, banyan, Taiwan buerger maples, and more. Many special events take place in the agricultural area every year. For example, during during the seventh month of the lunar calendar there's dragon boat rowing, rebuilding of grass thatched houses, and other activities. The dragon boat rowing takes place when the Dragon Boat Festival is held every year, and utilizes friendly competition in order to promote cohesiveness amongst the villages. The rebuilding of grass thatched houses is paired with other characteristic activities, for instance croquet competitions or 18 styles of qigong performances. 
Some Plum Blossom Lake agricultural products are pomelo, lemongrass, gold jujube, green bamboo shoots, roselle, sunflower, peanut ice cream roll, and mulberries. Amongst these products, the mulberries are divided into mulberry fruits and mulberry strips. The mulberry fruits are large and oval, while the mulberry strips resemble silkworms. Therefore, the mulberry strips are also known as "silkworm mulberry". Their production season is April of each year. During that time, there's also many related activities, such as mulberry picking, DIY jam making, fruit juice making, and DIY perfuming, not to mention healthy lemongrass meals to be tried. This is a rich ecological place, but also a great location for leisurely or family travel. 


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