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  • Phone:+886 03 922 9933
  • Address:No.650, Neicheng Rd., Yuanshan Township, Yilan County 264, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Artemis Garden is located within Yilan County's Yuanshan Township, Neicheng Village, Neicheng Road, No.650. In order to promote the establishment of aromatic plants and culture, the Sun Lake Cultural Educational Foundation established the garden in Minguo Year 101. It covers an area of 4000 pings, and is a exhibition greenhouse with the theme of aromatic plants. It's composed of the three main materials of glass, wood, and steel, and features white steel frames and transparent glass. The building collects rainwater to use for cooling. The indoor temperature is regulated this way so that the plants may grow naturally, and the sunshine that shines down is also especially dazzling. It's known as "Yilan's White House". 
The garden includes the Taiwan Fragrance Tree Promotion Center, Sun Lake, a garden buffet, garden restaurant, garden afternoon tea, aromatic herb drying workshop, sky trail, aromatic experience room, observation deck, books, plant spices, hydroponic ecology, DIY classroom, outdoor garden, banquet, landscapes, and more. Furthermore, there's also parking space provided, as well as barrier-free facilities, nursery rooms, and low-carbon and recyclable enviromental-friendly facilities. Wednesdays is pet day at the garden, and pets may enter with their owners. Please inform ahead of time. 
The Taiwan Fragrance Tree Promotion Center collects, breeds, and promotes Taiwan's traditional fragrant trees. On the sky trail, many creeping plants are planted and various flower pots are hung. The aromatic experience room is where natural essential oils and aromatic balms may be experienced. Essential oils of plants carry different properties depending on the type and characteristic of the human body they are used on. The observation deck is an outdoor viewing space on the 3rd floor, incorporating a terrace design. Sun Lake, otherwise known as "Taiyang Pi", or "Xunguan Pi", covers an area of 5 hectares. The area of the lake is 3 hectares, and was formed as a result of underground springs. 
Xiangfei Books is located on the second floor. Plant spices are usually natural seasonings made from the flowers, leaves, seeds, buds, roots, and stems of plants and put to good use. The hyroponic ecology is based on the concept of "fish and vegetation symbiosis", utilizing the site's dead wood and trees, branches, stones, as well as the nearby stream's fish, prawn, aquatic plants, and bracken. They are all arranged using natural resources, and the water is used to plow and grow aromatic plants. The garden buffet restaurant uses innovative concepts in tandem with flower and plant spices in order to create delicious and exquisite dishes. The afternoon tea restaurant offers more than 6 characteristic set meals every season, and piano performances are held on weekends. The aromatic herb drying workship has developed a creative style of bread made from aromatic herbs, which are made fresh daily. Xiangfei Banquet holds banquets, feasts, end-of-year dinners, and more events that can be arranged. Inquiries are welcome. The DIY classroom's main course focuses on plants, fragrances, and perfumery. One of France's top three manufactured brands of natural essential oil, MANE, is imported. Private brands include Xiangfei bodywash, shampoo, perfume, massage oil, soap, hand-made soap, hand lotion, flower and plant tea, essential oils, and more. 

The garden is planted with Taiwan osmanthus, orange jasmine, cape jasmine, and orchid. There's a total of 300 fragrant trees, herbs, and indoor plants. In addition to plants and fragrances, there's also packaged activities, educational activities, filming and shooting projects, research conferences, wedding receptions, art and culture space, and more. It's a mixture of both ecology, culture, education, and leisure. 



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Tuesday to Sunday 09:00-18:00

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由國道 5 號宜蘭出口往嵐峰路行駛台七線,經員山鄉公所往太平山方向約 15 公里處,於金車葛瑪蘭威士忌酒廠前牌樓右轉接榮光路,左轉經內城國民中小學,前行約 800 公尺後即可扺達。