Siling Hot Springs

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  • Address:Sileng, Fuxing Dist., Taoyuan City 336, Taiwan View on Map
Located in Taiwan's Taoyuan City, Fuxing District, Hualing Borough, Siling Hot Springs is 450 meters away from the main road and is located in Sanguangxi Valley. The hot spring area is around 30 meters long, and flows out by intersecting with the Dahan River. According to geological classification, the hot springs are classified as a metamorphic rock type from snowy mountain ranges, and is also a natural, wild creek hot spring. The temperature of the springs is 65 degrees, and the water quality is alkaline in nature with carbonic acid. In total there are two hot spring waterfalls. The larger waterfall hangs for 15 meters, and although the temperature is very high and satisfying, one must slowly adapt to it. In order to get close to the larger hot spring waterfall, it is necessary to pass through the rapid flows of the Sanguang Creek. Occasionally someone will knot ropes or branches in order to help cross, however be aware of the moss at the end of the creek, as it is easy to slip. To reach the small hot spring waterfall, one will need to climb a short section and cross a large, single-log bridge. The hot spring pool underneath can accommodate up to 5 people, and is 65 degrees. Since the Siling Hot Springs have not yet undergone manual development, the travel routes are not as prominent. The general population should take note of their safety and proceed with caution. 


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Zhongli Interchange→county Rd 223→Daxi→Prov. Hwy 7→Baleng→Sileng
Take the bus from Daxi or Yilan to Baleng, then get off at Sileng