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  • Phone:+886 03 928 5758
  • Address:No.33, Meizhou 2nd Rd., Yilan City, Yilan County 260, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Agrioz is located in Yilan County's Yilan City, on Meizhou Second Road, No.33. It was established in Minguo Year 79, and is the country's first tourism factory for honey preserved foods. Using modernized equipment and facilities, it produces jujube foods, and is also a place that combines local exhibitions with local customs and culture. Yilan has been called the hometown of kumquat, and kumquat is also known as "jinzao" or jujube. It possesses thirst-quenching, cough-supressing, and anti-phlegm qualities. It's a main material used to create honey preserved foods, in addition to being a prescription for maintaining good health. Agrioz adheres to the philosphy of "foods that you yourself dare not eat, cannot be sold to other". Its products do not contain saccharin, color pigments, flavorings, or clouding agents. 
The building features the Agrioz hall, Agrioz cafe, Agrioz preserved foods, DIY factory, DIY workshop, and other facilities. Free jujube tea is also provided for visitors to try. The factory introduces the production process, starting from the choosing of fruits, curing, pricking, and drifting in water, to letting the sugar soak in, hot-air drying, and health and sanitation packaging; all converting difficult-to-eat fresh fruit into delicious and tastied preserved fruits. The cafe offers hand-made biscuits and coffee, while the image gallery introduces the culture and importances of jinzao jujube and honey preserved foods. It includes audio-visual presentations and specialist guides. The DIY activities are guided by specialists, so that visitors may come to a better understanding of the production process. These activities are suitable for parent and child, and some popular sold products are crystal jujube, flaky pastries, honey preserved foods, canned goods, all sorts of gift boxes, ox tongue biscuits, spicy biscuits, and other deliious products. 


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