Dong-Ao Bay.Fenniaolin Fishing Harbor

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  • Address:Dong’ao Rd., Su’ao Township, Yilan County 270, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Dong-Ao Bay is located at Yilan County's Su'ao Town, Dong-Ao Li, Dong-Ao Road. Dong-Ao Bay is a curved bay composed of sandy beaches and research institutes. The rocks are fantastically shaped, and the seawater appears in different shades due to the scattered reefs throughout the sea. Fenniaolin Fishing Harbor is also located at the southern end of Dong-Ao Bay. Early on, many pigeons would gather here. In the Taiwanese language, pigeons were called "fenniao", hence this place's name. Located near the river dike, and beside the wave block, is a small strip of pebble beach where you can observe the entire bay seascape. The clear and limpid seawater possesses an abundance of ocean resources.  Clean in quality, many fish can be seen within the waters such as rockfish and others. Other local landmarks and attractions include Dongyue Fountain, Snake Mountain Trail, Dong-Aoi Community Seaside Park, Dongyue Village, Dong-Ao Elementary School, and more. Dong-Ao Villlage is home to an Atayal settlement, and at Dong-Ao Elementary School, you can come across a wide assortment of Atayal woven cloth and handiworks. The walls of the school are covered in many colorful painted designs. On the other hand, Dongyue Fountain is a natural spring not yet exploited. The water temperature is only around 15 degrees Celsius, and is a great place to spend a summer vacation. When coming here to visit and relax, be sure to mind your own safety. 


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