Luna Plaza

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  • Phone:+886 03 932 8800
  • Address:No.6, Ln. 38, Sec. 2, Minquan Rd., Yilan City, Yilan County 260, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Luna Plaza is located in Yilan County's Yilan City, on Minquan Road, Section 2, Lane 38, No.6. In the past, the site served as Yilan's former prison. Nowadays, it's Yilan County's largest department store and shopping center. It covers an area of 7,200 pings, and combines general merchandise, wholesale, 5-star restaurants and hotels and more. There's a total of 11 stories, as well as a movie theater, parking lot, and other facilities. The plaza includes a shopping center, Carrefour, Silk's Place hotel, name brand outlet stores, culinary and gourmet foods, a Tom's World, distinguished restaurants, cafes and light snacks, gifts, parent and child recreation, toys, health and fitness equipment, quick hair cuts, children's clothing, infant products, maternity dress, sportswear, outdoor goods, breastfeeding room, nightclothes, swimsuits, groceries, girl's clothing, women's clothing, outdoor living museum, leather goods, bags and purses, women's shoes, men's shoes, tailoring, services cosmetics, fragrances, watches, jewelry and acessories, drugstores, convenience stores, quality apparel, information desk, bookstores, householdand everyday goods, and lots more. In addition, the outlets provide cheaper and more convenient products, so don't miss out! 
This place is suitable as a meeting or gathering location. There's KTV, department stores, New Year recommendations, hotels, and all sorts of facilities to meet the needs of any traveler coming here. The Silk's Place hotel includes guest rooms, spa, Fenghua Health Club, Sony game area, self-service restaurant, pub, the Red House Chinese restaurant, international banquet hall, and more. The Red House's cherry roasted duck is the most well-known. 


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"Open Hour
Weekdays: am11:00~pm22:00
Weekends: am11:00~pm22:30"

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Public transportation
By Car
Highway no.5 exit on Yilan
Proceed on Dafu Rd. turn left onto Chungshan Rd.
Proceed Chungshan Rd. turn left onto Shennon Rd.
( 15 min drive after exiting Highway)

By Train
Yilan Railway Station
Exit station proceed on Guanfu Rd. turn left on Jiochen S. Rd.
Proceed Jiochen S. Rd. turn left on Shennon Rd.
( 5 min walk)