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  • Phone:+886 3 580 1000
  • Address:20, Neighborhood 7, Dahu Vil., Beipu Township, Hsinchu Country, Taiwan View on Map
Green World Ecological Farm is located 79 kilometers along Taiwan's Provincial Highway 3. You can arrive there by riding the Taiwan Lion's Head Mountain Route sightseeing bus, however you will still be 2km away from the entrance. Once at the stop, you may call Green World and have them arrange for a shuttle to pick you up. It'll take around 3 to 5 minutes to reach the pick-up location. Pick-up services are available even if there's only one person, so you don't have to worry about traveling alone. Green World's services are quite considerate. Immediately after buying a ticket and entering the farm, you can feel the natural vibe. With a vast tract of green grasslands, coconut trees lining the walking trails, and the flower patterned shirts of the workers, it's as if you've arrived at a tropical island paradise. The area at Green World is large, and you can easily spend a day slowly walking around. Within the farm, there are several picnic and dining areas for rest and hydration. The most surprising difference at this farm when compared to a general zoo however, is how many animals are free to roam about. So when walking, you may commonly come across pelicans by your side or chameleons silently sweeping by your feet. In the cute animal area, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other creatures are not isolated by bars or fences. The staff will prepare food so that you may feed these animals at a close range. It's a great place in general for kids to learn and familiarize themselves with nature and wildlife. At set times, alpacas will come out to graze. If you have time, you may take a picture with them. Every day, there are 4 to 5 animal shows that you simply cannot miss out on: Watch an intelligent macaw solve arithmetics and perform other effects, its really quite adorable. 


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Everyday 08:30-17:30

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Full-ticket:350/ Half-ticket:280
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1.N'tl Hwy No.3→Get off from Cyonlin Interchange(Toward Chutung)→County H'wy 120(Fulin Rd.)→Turn right on Prov. H'wy No.3(Jhongfeng Rd.) toward Beipu→Turn left at the 79km point on Prov. H'wy #3 and drive for about 2km.
2.N'tl Hwy No.3 at the 100km point of N'tl Hwy No.1(Chungshan Hwy)→get off N'tl Hwy No.3 from Cyonlin Interchange (toward Chutung)→county Rd #120(Fulin Rd.)→Turn right on Prov. Hwy No.3(Jhongfeng Road)toward Beipu→Turn Left at the 79km point on Prov. Hwy#3 and drive for about 2km.Public
1.Kuo Kuang Motor Bus to Chutung→Hsinchu Bus to Beipu at Chutung Terminus→Gree World Stop at the 79km point on Provincial Highway No.3→Shuttle bus to Park
2.Hsinchu Railway Station→Hsinchu Bus to Chutung→Hsinchu Bus to Beipu at Chutung Terminus→Green World Stop at the 79km point on Prov. Hwy No.3→Shuttle bus to Park
3.THSR Hsinchu Station→Hsinchu Bus to Cyonlin→Hsinchu Bus from Cyonlin to Chutung Terminus→Hsinchu Bus to Beipu at Chutung Terminus→Green World Stop at the 79km point on Prov. Hwy No.3→Shuttle bus to Park