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  • Address:No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
National Taiwan University is located on Daan District's Roosevelt Road, Section 4, No.1. During the Japanese occupation era, it was merged and reconstructed from the Taiwan governor-general's specialized medical school department, the Taiwanese Agricultural College, and the Taiwan governor-general's advanced business school. It became the "Taihoku Imperial University", and after liberation, it became the National Taiwan University. In 1945, the Ministry of Education established the National Taiwan University, Natioanl Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and National Taiwan Normal University. The three joined to form an alliance called "National Taiwan University Alliance". The university is divided into College of Literature, School of Science, School of Social Sciences, Medical School, College of Engineering, School of Biological Resources and Agriculture, School of Management, School of Public Health, School of Electronic Information, School of Law, School of Life Sciences. It also features a common educational center and department of continuing education. 
The school emblem is composed of the Fu Bell and coconut tree. The school tree is the coconut tree, while the school flower is the azalea. The campus is built in a Baroque style, featuring a main avenue with coconut groves, a smaller avenue also with coconut groves, Chinese fan palms, metasequoias, banyan trees, maples, mahogany, University Plaza, a fountain, the Fu Bell, Drunken Moon Lake, Zhenxing Lawn, an ecology pond, Fu Sinian memorial pavilion, Phsyics Hall, Astronomy and Mathematics Hall, ecology house, Luming Hall, and more. A Greek-style shrine is also built, along with ponds, monuments, and the Fu Sinian graveyard. 
Furthermore, there's administrative campuses located all over. In Xindian District, there's an experimental agricultural station, in New Taipei City's Shiding there's the Wenshan Garden Experimental Site, Nantou County's Xinyi Township, Shuli Township, and Lugu Township feature experimental forestry stations, Nantou County's Zhushan Township features an experimental forestry and management station, and Renai Township has a Wushe Mountain Farm. NTU's campus is thriving with ecology. Some commonly seen animals include sparrows, Malayan night herons and red-bellied squirrels, while plants include Taitung sago palms, cajuput trees, ginkgo, broad-leaved banyan trees, camphor, Paulownia, and more. Every year, there's also the Indian Azalea blooming season. 


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Check the website “5284 I Love Buses” made by Taipei City Government. You may find the buses schedule, routes, and even the current location of a particular bus (based on the website announcement).
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MRT Information:
   Danshui—Xindian Line
    The National Taiwan University (NTU) is located right next to the Gongguan Metro Station (Xindian Line). The Exit No.3 is only 3 minutes away from the main entrance of the NTU by foot. It is even more convenient that its Exit No.2 directly links to the ZouhShan Road Entrance (cross-section of Roosevelt Road and ZhouShan Road).
   Wenshan—Neihu Line
    If you wish to reach the north-east side of the NTU main campus, you may consider taking Wenshan— Neihu Line and getting off at Technology Building Station. Then walk southward along FuXing South Road, you may reach the XinHai Entrance of the NTU.
  In addition, you may find more metro routes and side scenery spot information on the “MRT guide system” constructed by Taipei Rapid Transit Corporations.
Tour Bus Temporary Parking Application:
For groups registering for Campus Guided Tour, we sincerely recommend the usage of public transportation. However, if you have no other options but taking tour buses, please notify our center 1 week prior to your visit, about the license plate numbers and names of the drivers of your tour buses, thus we may apply temporary parking to the Office of General Affairs for you.
Please note! The application means “applying for temporarily getting on and off the buses,” the buses have to leave right after the passengers getting on or off. The buses may not park at the campus (that is, visitors coming with tour buses have to seek other places to park). Meanwhile, the Visitor Center cannot help to apply for the entrance of any tour buses due to the protection of university safety, cleanliness, and beauty. We eagerly invite you to make efforts together for the elevation of campus environmental quality.
Campus Index System
  You may find the buildings you are looking for through the well designed maps and index system made by Office of General Affairs and NTU Campus Planning Office.

Campus Index System Campus Map  
Traffic Regulations in Campus (Visitors please park at the blue lots)

Pick up a parking card when entering the campus Mind the 20 km/hr campus speed limit Mind the 5 km/hr speed limit on ZhouShan Road
  For more traffic information:traffic and maps, please read thoroughly about the Regulations of Campus Traffic in National Taiwan Univeristy, or contactTraffic Department of General Service Division under the Office of General Affairs(+886-2-3366-2234~7)。