Taipei Confucius Temple

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  • Address:No.275, Dalong St., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Taipei Confucius Temple is located in Datong District, on Dalong Street, No.275. The old Confucius temple of the Qing Dynasty was located on Chongqing South Road, Section 1, No.165, which is the present day site of the Taipei First Girls High School. It was later rebuilt in 1925, during the Japanese occupation era, with a total area of 13,777 square meters. It's classified as a level three national monument. The temple pillars, doors, and windows are simple, yet dignified. There's an inscribed board, stating " education for everyone, irrespectibe of background" and many leisure facilities. The temple, true to its name, is mostly dedicated to Confucius, who holds the title of "Dacheng Zisheng Xianshi", which means " Great Completer, Ultimate Sage and Exalted First Teacher of Culture". 
Every year since 1931 onwards, Confucius' birthday has been celebrated on September 28th, which is designated as Teacher's Day. The Confucius ceremony is the responsbility of the Dalong public school, and is very important. During the ceremony, the Liuyi Dance performance take place. In 2008, the Liuyi Dance was changed into a Bayi Dance. The "yi" refers to the ranks during ancient music and dance rituals. Liuyi Dance features six rows and columns, with a total of 36 people, and is used to pay worship to feudal princes. Bayi Dance features eight rows an eight columns, with a total of 64 people, and is used to pay worship to monarchs. The difference in both dances, aside from the number of people and arrangements, is that the former is only a cultural dance, while the latter is both a cultural and martial dance. The musical instruments used in the ceremony worshipping Confucius are all traditional ancient instruments, and consist of the zhu, yu, guqin, se, bofu, zhao drum, xun, and bianzhong. The ceremony begins with welcoming the gods, and dark purple ceremonial clothing is worn. The ceremony is then followed by lighting incense, offering of tributes, reading of well-wishes, drinking and receiving good fortune, and sending the gods off. 



Opening Hours
"Tuesday-Thursday 08:30 ~ 21:00
Friday and the day before a national holiday 09:00 ~ 22:00
Saturday and national holidays 08:30 ~ 22:00
Sunday and the last day of national holidays 08:30 ~ 21:00"

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Public transportation
(1)Nonlocal Tourists: Please take public transportations to Taipei Main Station and transfer the MRT on Danshui Line; alight on Yuanshan Station and exist through number 2 exist then walk for 10 minutes.
  ( 2) By MRT:Taking the DanShui Line(Red Line) and reach YuanShan Station, 
it will take 10 minutes to reach the temple by walking from the station.。
 (3) By bus: 
          1. Baoan Temple Station:2、41、215、246、288、669、811、Red 33。 
          2. Jiuquan St. Station:2、9、41、215、288、669、811、Red 33。 
          3. Kulun St. Station:2、9、41、215、246、288、669、811、Red 33。