Taipei Guandu Temple

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  • Phone:+886 02-2858-1281
  • Address:No.360, Zhixing Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Guandu Temple is located in Taipei's Beitou District, on Zhixing Road, No.360. It's also commonly referred to as "Guandu Mazu Temple." or "Guandu Tianhou Temple". It was established in the year 1661, during the Qing Dynasty, and situated on the hilltops of Lingshan (or Mount Ling). Therefore, it's also known as "Lingshan Temple". Guandu, originated from the indigenous language. There's a saying "Nanbenggang, Beigandou", that reveres the Beigang Chaotian Temple and Guandu Temple. Together with the Lukang Tianhou Temple, the form Taiwan's 3 Major Mazu Temples. Guandu Temple flourishes with incense, and is compatible with both Buddhism and Taoism. It features the Holy Mother (Shengmu) Hall, Guanyin Hall, Wenchang Hall, and at the exterior, there's an old Buddha Cave, drum tower, bell tower, Guandu Yangping Jun Wang Shrine, God of Wealth Cave, and other attractions. The temple worships the Heavenly Holy Mother, Mazu, Guanyin, Wenchang Dijun, Yangping Jun Wang, the Medicine Buddha, Amitabha Buddha, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Jade Emperor, the three gods in charge of heaven, earth, and water, Donghua Dijun, the four heavenly kings, and many other deities. The God of Wealth Cave is dedicated to the Caishen, god of wealth. 
Guandu Temple features a long history. Its architectural features include carved stone columns, stone lions, wall carvings, stone walls with historical stories carved onto them, stone reliefs of the door gods, a well in front of the palace hall, and interlocking wooden brackets on top of the columns and crossbeams. There's plenty of carvings and colorful painted designs, as well as sculptures from the Buddha Cave and the God of Wealth Cave. Facilities include the temple plaza, public fountain, viewing platform, memorial tablet, Lingshan Park, library, and more. Lingshan Park is located in the back of Guandu Temple, featuring around a dozen oriental cherries transplanted during the Japanese era. Every year during the Lantern Festival, Guandu Temple hosts a electric-powered lantern display at the park. Sky lanterns are also released at the pier. Guandu Temple neighbours the Guandu Nature Park, and nearby attractions are the Guandu Plain conservation area, and a water fowl conservation area, currently Taipei's largest wetlands area. During every spring and autumn season, large amounts of water birds will come here to rest. The nearby snack streets sell salted duck eggs and well-known thousand-year-old eggs, which attract a number of pilgrims during Guandu Temple's sacrificial ceremonies. 


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Directions :

By Car :
1. Drive from Shihlin(士林) or Beitou(北投) and at Guandu(關渡) follow signs next to the Masieh Nursing School(馬偕護校) 

By Bus : 
1. Take bus route 223, 302, 308, Zhinan 2(指南2), Zhinan 5(指南5), exit Guandu stop(關渡站).

1. Take MRT to Guandu MRT Station(關渡捷運站), walk towards sect.3 Dadu Rd 301 lane(大度路3段301巷) to reach the temple