Ningxia Night Market

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  • Phone:+886 0915-692480
  • Address:Ningxia Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Ningxia Night Market is located on Ningxia Road, in Datong District, Taipei. In 1908, the Japanese implemented a westernization policy, and established a circle park in accordance to the "urban reform" plan. Orange jasmine was planted in the surroundings, and large banyan grown in the middle. Grassy lawns and chairs were even provided, forming a place where people could leisurely rest. In 1914 World War 1 broke out, and Japan issued a nighttime curfew, prohibiting activity in the circle park. A reservoir was dug in the park, acting as a resource for anti-aircraft defense. After Taiwan's liberation, the reservoir was filled in, and aircraft defenses removed. Stalls and vendors once more started to gather at the circle park, and it flourished again. When the downtown area moved east and a fire broke out, the circle park went into an economic slump and was replaced by Ningxia Night Market. As a smoke-free night market, it has become one of Taipei's most representative night markets. It's also jokingly dubbed by the people of Taipei as "Taipei's Stomach".
The Datong District Ningxia Night Market Business Development Assocation assisted the Taipei City Government in organizing and coordinating the Ningxia business district, and have organized many night market initiative activities. For instance, there was the "Ningxia Thousand Year Feast", set a precedent for night market snacks and feasts. At least 20 old stores, each with a history of over 50 years old were assembled, pushing out dishes with a combined age of over 1000 years old. 
Ningxia Night Market cuisine includes Xianglian Teppanyaki, specialty jellied tofu, Wenxiang Tea House, Shuanglian Goose Meat, Lee Family Milkfish, Japanese-style seafood and snacks, braised pork rice, lotus drink bar, oyster omelettes, Tainan rice bowl cake, stinky tofu, omelette and shrimp soup, roasted mochi, chicken rice, Taiwanese teppanyaki, large intestine and oyster noodles, stir-fried beef, pork liver soup, fish soup, and much more. The vendors on the other side of the night market mainly sell fun novelties and merchandise. The items sold are all quite popular, not to mention, inexpensive. 




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Everyday 16:00-02:00

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Directions :

Public Transportation
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: MRT Station:Walk about 10 minutes from Zhongshan MRT Station or Shuanglian MRT Station heading West
OTHERS: Take the No. 2, 12, 42, 46, 52, 63, 215, 223, 250, 255, 282, 288, 302, 304, 304 (Return), 306, 601, 605, or 605 Express bus to the traffic circle stop. 
By Taxi
Tell the driver Ningxia ('ning-sha') Market and they'll most likely know where to go. Or you can get dropped off at the closest MRT station which is Zhongshan MRT Station and head about 10 minutes West.