Songshan Ciyou Temple

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  • Phone:+886 02 2766 3012
  • Address:No.765, Sec. 4, Bade Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Songshan Ciyou Temple is located in Taipei City's Songshan District, on Bade Road, Section 4, No.765. It's also commonly known as "Songshan Mazu Temple". The horizontal plaque on the main entrance of Ciyou Temple is inscribed with the characters "Xikou Ciyou Gong". Xikou was the former name of the Songshan District, and in the Pingpu language, means "place of the meandering river". The river that this refers to is the Keelung River. In 1920, the Japanese government considered the view of Xikou to be similar of that of Matsuyama, and thus the name Matsuyama (Songshan) was used as a replacement. Ciyou Temple was built in 1753, and covers an area of more than 600 pings. It possesses a total of 6 stories, and features a library and commemorative bell tower. The commemorative bell tower was presented as a gift from Ehime Prefecture, Matsuyama City, Japan. Many stone and wood carvings are located on top of Ciyou Temple's roof. The temple's Sanchuan palace hall contains stone lions, and the male lion has his mouth wide open, while the female lion's mouth is shut. Such a sight is quite rare in Taiwan, and as a result, they have became the hall's precious treasures. 
The temple worships the Heavenly Mother (black-faced Mazu), All-Seeing General, All-Hearing General, the Earth God, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Prince Ananda, Maudgalyayana, Five Directional Camp Generals, the Tiger General, Kaishan Spirit Tablets, Gongde Spirit Tablets, Doumu Goddess, 60 Dukes of Jupiter, Lord Zuo Fu and Lord You Bi Protectors, Goddess of Childbirth, Twelve Nursing Goddesses, Du Yuniang Midwife, Guanyin, Thousand-Armed Guanyin, Sudhanakumara, Manjusri, Samantabhadra, Skanda, Samgharama, The Eighteen Arhats, Maitreya Buddha, Guan Yu, Prince Guanping, General Zhou Cang, Lu Dongbing, the Kitchen God, Master Qingshui, Wenchang Emperor, Great Master Kui, Narcissus King, Doctor Baoyi, God King Guangze, the Five Batallion Commanders, Three Pure Ones, Three Masters, The Great Emperor of the South Pole, The Great Emperor of the North Pole, Lord of the Sun, Lord of the Moon, Shennong Emperor, the Jade Emperor, Emperors of the Three Offices, Lord Emperor of the Fire, Lord of the Little Dipper, and Lord of the Big Dipper. Every year during the fourth month of the lunar calendar, Ciyou Temple believers will take turns organizing a "Mazu Furnance" celebration. With Raohe Night Market located to the side, the entire area is incredibly bustling and lively. 


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Everyday 05:30-23:30

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Nat'l Hwy 1 → Neihu Interchange → Sec. 2, Chenggong Rd. → Xinming Rd. → Chengmei Bridge → Sec. 3, Nangong Rd. → Sec. 4, Bade Rd.

Take train to Songshan Station.