Qingshui Zushi (Divine Ancestor) Temple in Sanxia

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  • Phone:+886 02 2671-1031
  • Address:No.1, Changfu St., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 237, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Sanxia Qingshui Zushi Temple is located in New Taipei City's Sanxia District, Xiuchuan Li, Changfu Street, No.1. The temple was originally named Sanxia Changfuyan. Together with the Mengjia Zushi Temple and the Danshui Zushi Temple, the three of them form the Taipei area's three major Zushi temples. Sanxia Qingshui Zushi Temple has been rebuilt three times, and its main architectural style is a palace-style temple, with three entrances and 9 bays. The walls are stone, and feature murals from the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "Journey to the West", "Investiture of the Gods", and the "Twenty-four Filial Exemplars", as well as wooden carvings and sculptures decorated with gold. The main hall contains dragon pillars, double dragon pillars, bird and flower pillars, and couplet pillars. The hall's "three-story double dragon pillar", "bird and flower pillar" and "bird plum pillar" can be said to be the temple's most important stone carvings. 
The temple's founder, Chen Zhaoying, hailed from Fujian and was a national hero who helped the Song with anti-Yuan resistance. He was later granted posthumously the title "protector of the country", therefore the people of Anxi all address him as "Zushi". Southern Fujian know him as "Wumian Zushi". Zushi Temple mainly pays respects to the four great generals: Taiyang Xinjun, Taiyin Xinjun, Emperor Wenchang, and Taisui Xinjun. Every year during the start of the sixth month of the lunar calendar, is Zushi Day. The Sanxia Qingsui Zushi Temple will host a traditional sacrifical ceremony and a popular folk custom, the holy pig competition. Another fact worth mentioning is that during the year 2004, the Budapest Symphony Orchestra from Hungary selected composer Liu Xuexuan's musical composition, "Sanxia Zushi Temple Stone Lions", to perform as they toured Taiwan. 


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Nat'l Hwy 3 → Exit at the Sanying Interchange → Fuxing Rd. → Dazhi Rd. → Zhongshan Rd. → Minquan St. → Changfu St. → Sanxia Qingshui Zushi (Divine Ancestor) Temple

THSR Banqiao Station (or TRA Banqiao Station) → Taipei City Bus (No. 702, No. 705, No. 812, No. 910) to Sanxia (Sansia) Old Street stop