Shenkeng Old Street

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  • Address:Shenkeng St., Shenkeng Dist., New Taipei City 222, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Shenkeng Old Street is located at New Taipei City's Shenkeng District, on Shenkeng Street. During the years of the Qing Dynasty, a great drought happened in the Minnan area of mainland China. As a result, the people of Quanzhou crossed the seas and settled down in Shenkeng, cultivating its land. Originally, Shenkeng was called "Zanying", however Taiwan later broke out in turmoil. Zanying's topography on all four sides surrounded the mountains, and was shaped like deep pits. So it was renamed "Shenkeng". Shenkeng Old Street in the past was covered in mud and grass. A temple fair then took place, but the burning of paper money inadvertently set the entire street on fire, destroying it. Red bricks were then used to prevent fires from happening again. During the Japanese occupation era, arched buildings began to appear. To this very day, the buildings most representative of Shenkeng Old Street are the Minnan-style houses. Back then, due to the heavy transportation and abundance of products such as tea leaves, a cargo distribution center was formed. It is now the main commercial and shopping district in Shengkeng. 
The entire length of Shenkeng Old Street is arond 300 meters. Every year, the municipal government's cultural cultural bureau organizes a "Shenkeng Four Treasures Festival", featuring the four local staple foods of tofu, green bamboo shoots, black pork, and tea leaves. Characteristic local stores include Ruchang Tea House Co.Ltd., Miaokou Old Shop, Black Dog Brothers Club, Yan Yi Dexing, Tofu Niang Delicacy Shop, Shangde Tea House, and Liushenpo Restaurant. Amongst them, Liushenpo Restaurant is actually a century-old house. Along the street, you can find many tofu shops, meat dumpling shops, children's toy stores, taro ball shops, and other traditional shops. One of these is a traditional store, "Shenkeng Tofu", which produces tofu made by hand and stewed in salt. You can find tofu-derived products everywhere you go. Delicacies include simmer-fried tofu, tofu soup, black tofu, roasted stinky tofu, shiitake soup, peanut candies, tea-fragrance shrimp, and tofu ice cream. Surrounding scenic spots consist of Shenkeng Huangshi Yongan Residence, Runde Residence, Xingshun Residence, Mother and Child tree, Stone Matsu Trail, Delin Residence, Shenkeng Bridge Stele, Shenkeng Jishun Temple, and a visitor's center. Of these spots, Yongan Residence and Xingshun Residence have both already been established as level three historic monuments. 



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Directions :

1. Take Taipei Bus (Pingxi line) to Yongding Elementary School.
2. Take MRT to Muzha station, and then take taxi to Shenkeng Old Street.