Caoling Historic Trail

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Located in New Taipei City's Gongliao District, Caoling Historic Trail is a trail linking the Gongliao District with Yilan's Toucheng Township, Dali mountain area. The trail measures at approximately 8.5 kilometers in length, is considered to be a part of the old Danlan Historic North Trail. It is currently one of the only remaining sections. Caoling Historic Trail was originally established by the Pingpu peoples, and conveniently connected both sides of Xueshan. The road that passed through these mountains was called "Danlan Historic Trail", and could also be furthermore divided into three sections. The name "Caoling" is derived from the fact that Miscanthus (caoling) grow everywhere, due to the high altitude mountain ridges. In 1881, Danlan Historic Trail was the only goverment road recognized by the Qing government, and was not only safe, but secure. After losing its useage for transportation, the trail became a popular tourist attraction in recent years. During the Tongzhi years of the Qing Dynasty, Liu Mingdeng, a Taiwanese soldier. left behind gold letter monuments on the trail, both of which are now level three monuments. Along the way, the trail incorporates pavilions, explanation signs, public toilets, a visitor's center, Yuanwangkeng Waterside Park, viewing platforms. Dali Tiangong Temple, Fude Shrine, forestry protection station, and other scenic spots and attractions. 
At the top of the historic trail, you can come across Fude Shrine, built of stone. The shrine worships both Tudigong and Tudipo. Yuanwangkeng Waterside Park was originally farmland, but has now been converted into a waterside park. Wooden walkways are built on both sides of the stream, and it features both pavilions and bridges too. The viewing platform is the highest point on the entire trail. More viewing platforms can be found on the hilltops of the western side of the trail. The forestry protection station was built in 1970 with the purpose of protecting against forest fires, unlawful tree cutting, and other misappropriations. Later on, it was turned into a travel and explanation center. Dali Tiangong Temple was originally named " Qingyun Temple". Established in 1836, the temple is enshrined to Fuzhou's Jade Emperor. A large stone is located beneath it, and written on it by general He Yingqin are the words "Lanyang Diyi Shenngjing", or "Lanyang's Number One Scenery". Aside from offering visitors with tourist information and commentary services, Dali Visitor's Center also provides multi-media viewing rooms that screen films every half-hour, with 4 films in total. During the autumn, Caoling Historic Trail is the most optimal place to view miscanthus.



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Nat'l Hwy 1 → Exit at the Badu Interchange → Prov. Hwy 62 → Prov. Hwy 2 → Prov. Hwy 2C → Caoling Historic Trail

1. THSR Taipei Station → TRA Fulong Station

2. TRA Taipei Station → Kuo-kuang Bus (bound for Yilan, Luodong) to Fulong stop.

3. TRA Keelung Station → Keelung Bus (bound for Fulong) to Fulong stop.