Buyan Pavilion

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  • Address:Ruishuang Highway Expressway No. 102 Shuangxi Dist., New Taipei City 227, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Buyan Pavilion is located in New Taipei City's Shuangxi Township, on Ruishang Highway Expressway, No.102. Its name was chosen by the head of Shuangxi District, Jian Huaxiang. In this pavilion, you can overlook Shuangxi District, Ruifang, Jinshan, Caidaolun (a mountain that looks like a blade), one of the 8 famous scenic spots "Diaoshan", Keelung Mountain, and other sights. Because of its high point, you can see many weather changes from the pavilion. Whenever the mist rolls in, it slowly covers the Ruishang Highway. The resulting beauty is just like something straight out of a fairytale, and whenever the mist dissapears, the skies will gradually clear up. If you happen to be fortunate enough, you can even see silhouettes on the sea. During the autumn season, the slopes of Ruishang Highway will be covered in Miscanthus.  The scenery of the highway between day and night is quite different, and because of the optimal view offered here, you can see many beautiful sights that cannot be seen elsewhere. Therefore many cyclists and photographers, as well as families, like to come here. 


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台北車站走台北市東西向快速道路/市民大道/市民大道高架道路3 分 (1.0 公里)
→繼續走市民大道。接國道1號和台62線前往瑞芳區的明燈路三段。從台62線的 16-瑞芳 號出口下交流道28 分 (30.8 公里)→行駛到102縣道29 分 (12.4 公里)