Old Caoling Tunnel

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  • Address:Gongliao Dist., New Taipei City 228, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Old Caoling Tunnel is located in New Taipei City's Gongliao District. It spans for 2,167 meters on the Yilan Line, between Fulong Station and Shicheng Station. During the Japanese occupation era, it was Taiwan's longest train tunnel. It is a designated historic site, but in order to make way for Yilan's dual railway project, the tunnel was decommissioned and closed down. It wasn't until 2007 that it was reopened, and rebuilt as part of a bicycle trail, for people to use for leisure and sightseeing. Old Caoling Tunnel's entrance is 5 meters tall, and the interior is completely constructed of red brick. The tunnel entrance's crenelated parapet wall is decorated with stone steps. The north entrance features an horizontal inscribed board with the characters " Zhi Tianxian", while the southern entrance features the characters "Baiyun Feichu". The tunnel's profile is designed according to traditional hill slopes. In order to drain water before and after completion of the tunnel, most of the route within is a straight line. It's only when approaching the south entrance that it'll slightly wind. Lighting fixtures inside comprise of retro oil lamp covers. About 200 meters in front of Fulong Tunnel, there's a monument established to commemorate the Japanese technical experts who helped excavate the tunnel. Due to Old Caoling Tunnel being located next to New Caoling Tunnel, whenever a train passes by, you can hear its rumbling. It has become a popular biking attraction as a result. 
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