The Governor-General Hot Spring

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  • Phone:+886 02 2408 2628
  • Address:No.196, Minsheng Rd., Jinshan Dist., New Taipei City 208, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
The Governor-General Hot Spring is located in New Taipei City's Jinshan District, Minsheng Road, No.196. It was the Taiwanese governor-general's guest house and hot spring  during the Japanese occupation era. Therefore, it was called the "Governor-General Hot Spring". Unlike Wenquan Street's old buildings, this was a new building. After Taiwan's liberation, the national army used it as a coastal defense stronghold. When the troops moved, the building was abandoned. The Governor-General Hot Spring is a classical villa, and still retains its Renaissance-style. It utilizes porcelain bricks hand-made more than 60 years ago, and the interior features a reception counter, escalator, and more. The building itself is simple and constructed from natural juniper wood. 
The Governor-General Hot Spring are considered to be a rare sea bed hot spring. In addition to possessing sulfur and mineral components unique to the Datun volcanic mountains, they penetrate into the deep and clean seawater, and as a result, the water bears a slight salty taste. The water quality is fine, and its volume is abundant, and they are used as a legitimate water soruce. There's no need to heat or recycle it, and used water is directly discharged. Inside the hot spring, there's a total of four two-person hot spring pools, the "Lover's Pool". The first floor also contains a spacious and wide "Governor-General Pool", 10 hot spring rooms, an open-air pool, 7 male and female public pools, and a "VIP Pool". Every one features a large-scale massage jacuzzi. The hot spring's second floor also hosts dining space. 
The first floor's outdoor hot spring, is accompanied by a hydrotherapy spa pool. Because the water is rich in iron, after flowing into the pool, it oxidizes with air to produce iron oxide in just a few minutes. This process turns the water a golden color, earning it the name "Golden Spring". One side of the open-air public pool can be used to admire the beautiful sea scenery, while the other faces Yangmingshan National Park's mountain clusters. The hot spring hall also features changing stations and sofas, and has also prepared bath towels and hand towels, mineral spring water, cotton swabs, skincare lotions, and more. The dining area provides fresh and delicious seafood meals, special set meals, hot pot, coffee, scented tea, freshly-squeezed fruit juice, healthy meals, and edible water plants, to name a few. In addition, the flower garden has planted many precious plants, such as the golden spider lily. A public parking lot is incorporated, free of charge, located opposite of the hot spring hall. 


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