Bade Pond Ecology Park

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  • Address:No.1315, Xingfeng Rd., Bade Dist., Taoyuan City, Bade Dist., Taoyuan City View on Map
Bade Pond Ecology Park is located in Taoyuan City's Bade District, Xingfeng Road, No.1315. The Taoyuan City pond was originally used for irrigation and cultivation of the farmland. The Taoyuan mesa was covered in thousands of ponds, forming a unique landscape known as "The County of a Thousand Ponds". The park land was also originally land used for illegal construction. But because of it containing precious environmental resources such as ponds and old trees, in Minguo Year 95, the county government commissioned a company to develop an ecological park. In Minguo 97, the Bade Pond Ecology Park project was completed. The park is triangular in shape, covering an area of 5 hectares, and features a forest trail, elevated pavilion, lakeside coffee shop, and other areas as well as many diverse organisms and wooden structures with natural lighting . The area's old trees have also been preserved. Aside from picnics and exercising, you can also see ducks swimming at the edge of the pond and hear the melodies of the singing birds. It's an ideal place for leisure during the weekends or for hosting large-scale events. 


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Public transportation:
1.Take Jhongli motor bus(The back side of Taoyuan Train Station)#130 and get off at Ecology Park Station.
2.Take Taoyuan motor bus(The back side of Taoyuan Train Station)#5060 and get off at Veterans’ House Station.
By Car:
Take National Highway No.2, get off at Da Nan Interchange, forward to Bade and turn right to drive along the County Highway #57, forward to Bade City, and turn left at the intersection of Zhang An Street to County Highway #114, and turn right at the intersection of Hsing Feng Road to be there.
Parking Space:Along the roadside.