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  • Address:Puji Rd., Daxi Township, Taoyuan City View on Map
Hutoushan Park (Aoer Forest School), is located in Taoyuan City's Taoyuan District, on Gonguan Road. Hutoushan is also known as "Bankanshan". Because Hutoushan's topography is shaped like a tiger, it has also gained the name of "Huyushan", or "Tiger Islet Mountain". Hutoushan is divided into a front section and back section. The park is built on the mountain, and possesses an abundance of natural ecology. It features a children's play area, plum garden, Taoxin Pavilion, lotus pond, maple tree garden, barbecue area, all sorts of pavilions, and more facilities. There's Chinese-style pavilions and modern-style geometric pavilions, all quite unique. Trails include Tuankang Activity Trail, a fitness trail, scenery and sightseeing trail, ecological trail, and more. In addition, there' s also a cherry blossom trail, forest trail, Sun Pavilion Trail, plum garden trail, and martyr's shrine trail. Aside from being able to view the plum blossoms while taking the plum garden trail, during the summer and autumn seasons, you can also admire the tung blossoms. 
In 2012, the children's play area planned for a cluster of tree houses, named after the owl "Aoer Forest School". A total of three new tree houses were built, approximately 6 meters above ground. The three tree houses consisted of hexagonal "reading tree classrooms", and allowed for close-range observation of the bird ecology. There's also a boat-shaped green ark, and the space below can be used as a theater or performance space. Furthermore, there's also slides and recreational facilities, and a wooden skywalk installed between the trees without damanging them. 


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Nat'l Hwy 3 → Exit at the Daxi Interchange → County Hwy 112A → Prov. Hwy 3 → Prov. Hwy 7 → Zhongzheng Rd. → Puji Rd.

Take the TRA train to Taoyuan Station or Zhongli Station → Take the Taoyuan Bus (Daxi Line) to Daxi.