Daxi Zhongzheng Park

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  • Address:Puji Rd., Daxi Dist., Taoyuan City View on Map
Daxi Zhongsheng Park is located in Taoyuan City's Daxi District, Puji Road, on the terrace of the Dahan River. Built during the Japanese occupation era, its original name was "Dakekan Park", and in 1927, it was voted by the Taiwan's Japan Daily as one of "Taiwan's 8 Scenic Sights". Its name was later changed to "Daxi Park", then "Zhongzheng Park". In the olden days, Daxi was formerly a river port. Ships would dock by the shores, and goods would be transported to the ships or markets. During the Japanese occupation era, there was the Daxi Shrine, guild hall, sumo wrestling field, and Fuxing Pavilion. Later, Fuxing Pavilion became the site of the "Zhonghun Monument". It's remaining foundation was rebuilt into a new Chinese-style pavilion. The sumo wrestling field was converted into a lotus pond, and the guild hall changed into the Chiang Kai-shek Building. The shrine was changed into a three-story tall pavilion. Built in front of the pavilion was a Japanese-style path, with five lanterns on each side. In addition, two cultural areas were established nearby. The areas contain an abundance of natural landscapes, and the ecology pond possessed Taiwanese spatterdock, wild ginger flowers, and camphor, banyan, fragrant maples, osmanthus, China firs, and other types of plants and vegetation. Scenic locations in the surrounding area include Daxi Bridge, Daxi Old Street, Daxi Wude Hall, and more. 


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To get there, take National Freeway 3. After arriving at the Daxi Interchange, turn onto Taiwan Provincial Highway 3, and make a right turn after passing over the Wulin Bridge.