Wujiutong Mountain Trail

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  • Address:Ln. 230, Sec. 1, Changxing Rd., Luzhu Dist., Taoyuan City 338, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Wujiutong Mountain Trail is located in Taoyuan City's Luzhu District, Changxing Road, Section 1, Lane 230, behind NantianTemple. According to legend, during the final years of the Ming Dynasty, Chen Ailu and ten others from mainland China's Quanzhou came to Taiwan. One of them, Cai Guangsheng, had five sons, and they all brewed their own wine. However father and sons were all addicted to drinking, and would take wine to drink in the mountains for entertainment. Every time, they would always bring a certain amount of wine with them, and therefore the mountain was called "Wujiutong", or "Five Wine Barrels". The mountain sits at 150 meters above sea level, and the five stacked ceramic containers on the mountain tops are a sign of "Wujiutong". The trails are mostly original earth and stone pavements. There are several routes up the mountain: one starts from behind Nantian temple, up the stairs, and leads to a rest station. You can also choose to continue to circle the forest trail. Another route starts from Yingpankeng and the steel factory, and heads uphill. Another route starts from Changxing Road heading towards Niushiqi, one starts from Waishe and crosses the Jiulong Bridge before heading up. It's also possible to go from Nankanshan's second trail. Yet another route is a main trail that follows the mountain ridgeline, and there's also the Liufu Trail that winds around the mountain. Wujiutong Mountain Recreation Area features pavilions (Chunqiu Pavilion), terraces, statues, stone sculptures, wine containers, and more. There's stone steps that can be sat on, and even a few karaoke facilities. Othe scenic attractions located nearby include Nantian Temple, Nankanshan, and Fude Temple. 


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If you drive, take National Highway 1. After arriving at the Nankan Interchange, head in the direction of Taiwan national airport, take Nanshang Road, and turn Liufu Road, it is located behind the Nan-Tian temple in Nei-Zhu village, Luzhuu