Power Farm

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  • Phone:+886 03 497 0386
  • Address:No.33, Puding, Xinwu Dist., Taoyuan City 327, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Power Farm is located in Taoyuan County's Xinwu Township, Puding Village, No.33. It covers an area of 5 hectares, and incorporates open fields, hedges, walls, sanheyuans, and more. The natural ecology is abundant, and you can come across several species of insects and plants. Brimming with a rustic village vibe, the farm also produces organic vegetables, healthy plants, and all sorts of fruits and melons. Various types of rural industry and cultural experience activities are also planned and healthy food is supplied. Facilities include a butterfly cafe, rural cuisine, and rural experience activities. Rural cuisine includes paddy rice dumplings, chicken, flower garden barbecue, and more, while activities include tea grinding, aiyu washing, earth kiln baking, agricultural education, mochi pounding, and children's games. Other activities are parent-and-child experiences, rural sports competitions, and tourism and conference projects. The rural sports competition features nostalgic children's games such as crayfish fishing, hoop relay race, spinning tops, hopscotch, and so forth. The tourism and conference project is launched from Monday to Friday at the butterfly cafe, and provides a fully equipped garden space. In addition to the conference, it can also combine activities, rural cuisine, product briefings, and all sorts of activities and experiences. 


Opening Hours
09:00~17:00(Weekends & Holidays 09:00~18:00)

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1.由<中山高>銜接<東西向66快速道路>,往新屋方向開,在11.4公里處下新屋匝道左轉 往新屋市區方向(約3公里),於進入市區前,看到中國石油加油站,左轉接<三民路>,在第一個紅綠 燈左轉接中華路後,約2公里處即可到達。 2.走<北二高>者於大溪交流道下,轉中壢方向行約100公尺,銜接<東西向66快速道路>,往新屋方向開,在11.4公里處下新屋匝道左轉往新屋市區方向(約3公里),於進入市區前,看到中國石油加油站,左轉接<三民路>,在第一個紅綠燈左轉接中華路後,約2公里處即可到達。 3.由<西濱公路>至永安漁港,往新屋方向,至新屋市區前右轉接<三民路>,在第二個紅綠燈右轉接中華路後,約2公里處即可到達。 

*往新屋方向經114線至新屋市區前,左轉接<三民路>,在第一個紅綠燈左轉接中華路後,約2公里 處即可到達。 

*於中壢火車站或楊梅火車站前搭乘新竹客運公車往新屋方向於長祥宮站或埔頂國小站下車,步行約 5分鐘即可到達(回程可協助叫計程車)。