Sankengzi Old Street

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  • Address:Sankenglao St., Longtan Dist., Taoyuan City 325, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Sankengzi Old Street is located in Taoyuan City's Longtan District. In the Hakka language, Sankengzi's "keng", refers to a mountain creek or canal. There canal streams are located here: "Huojiewei Keng", " Zhebuzi", and "Yamu Keng". As a result of these three streams, this area was named "Sankengzi". During the Kangxi reign, Longtan was just beginning to be developed. By the Qianlong era of the Qing Dynasty, Han people were already settled here. Whenever the waters of the Danhan River were deep, ships could directly sail to Sankengzi. As a result, water transportation became a convenient way to ship goods, and a distribution center was formed. Later on, when Danhan River's waters began to plummet, Sankengzi's economic acvitivity also gradually declined. 
Sankengzi Old Street's buildings are considered to be corridor-style street houses. Two buildings would share a common wall, and red brick was used to construct pillars and flat roofs. There would also be pebblestone walls and quality roof beams. The narrow and winding streets were meant as a method of defense against robbers, and the Old Street appears to be narrow on the outside, but wider on the inside. It's an authentic Hakka village, and maintains many traditional Hakka characteristics. Sankengzi has also been called "Longtan First Street". When entering Sankengzi Old Street, you can come across the place where the women in the past used to wash clothes. Many movies and drama series have filmed here before, such as "David Loman" and "Love Together". Some Hakka specialties include iced coffee, Hakka vegetable buns, Hakka soup balls, fresh water bamboo shoots, and more. Nearby scenic attractions consist of Yongfu Temple, Sankengzi Bike Trail, Hundred-Year Slate Trail, Baigong Temple, Daping Red Bridge, Sankengzi Waterside Park, and Longtan Sankengzi Waterside Sightseeing Green Veranda. 


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