Taoyuan Jinfu Temple

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  • Phone:+886 03-3337552
  • Address:No.208, Zhongzheng Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Taoyuan Jinfu Temple is located at No.208, Zhongzheng Road, Taoyuan City. In the year 1748, a plague struck the Taoyuan area. A local land owner, Xue Qilong, suggested that a temple be built, and in 1810, it was named "Jinfu Temple". The temple is classified as a level three historic site. Kaizhang Shengwang, the Sacred King, is also known as Shen Wanggong and Chen Shengwang; originally born into a family of soldiers, he was also a renowned military general. During the reign of Emperor Gaozong of Tang, he led a group of soldiers to attack the indigenous peoples of Fujian. He then led his army to power in Zhangzhou. Jingfu Temple is a building consisting of two front and back halls, and two side halls. The roof on the front and back halls are built in a "Chongyanxieshan fake style". The gables on both sides of the side halls protrude out, forming a shape like a goose's head. The temple contains all sorts of fine decorations and engravings within, and has also maintained inscribed plaques from the Jiaqing era. There's also bell towers and other buildings. The main gods and deities worshipped are the Sacred King, Guanyin, Holy Celestial Mother, the Goddess of Childbirth (Zhusheng Niang Niang), and more. 


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Everyday 06:00-21:00

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Getting there: 
This temple is located in the urban area of Taoyuan. Parking is not easy. Visitors may board Taoyuan Express Bus No. 1 or City Bus No. 9, and alight at Jin-fu Temple.