Leofoo Village Theme Park

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  • Phone:+886 03 5475665 Fax:+886 03 5475660
  • Address:No.60, Gongzigou, Guanxi Township, Hsinchu County 306, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Leofoo Village Theme Park is located within Hsinchu County's Guanxi Township, Renai Li, Gongzigou, No.60. In the past, it was formerly known as "Leofoo Village Wild Animal Park", and in 1989 it extended into a theme park. American company "Battaglia Associate Inc." designed the "Central Magic Fountain Plaza", and a water and light show will be performed every hour. The theme park is divided into four major themed areas: the American West, South Pacific, Arabian Palace, and African Tribes (wild animal park). Each area's amusement facilities, shops, restaurants, and decorations are all consistent with its theme. 
Leofoo Village's American West area facilities include mine carts, valley boating, wild trains, old ruins, and old oil well. The Arabian Palace area facilities include Sultan's Adventure, flying carpets, Alibaba and the Forty Thieves, and lazer maze. The South Pacific are facilities include Volcanic Adventure, canoes, Lost Paradise, and rocking boats. 
The Leofoo Village African Tribe is a zoo, with many animals. There's peach-faced lovebirds, cockatiels, long-tailed finches, budgerigars, camels, African goats, Jacob sheep, Angora goats, ponies, flamingoes, African sacred ibis, white-throated monkeys, Hamadrayas baboons, Formosan rock macaques, orangutans, lemurs, American black bears, gibbons, African lions, African buffalos, zebras, warthogs, giraffes, hippos, white rhinos, badgers, ostriches, peacocks, and much more. 
Leofoo Village's mascot are two monkeys, named Happy and Honey, as well as a white tiger. 



Opening Hours
"Season Park hours
African Safari hours
(Herbivores, carnivores, primate sanctuary)
Weekdays Weekends and public holidays
Spring, Autumn 9:00~17:00 9:00~19:00 9:30~16:00
April ~ June, September ~ October
Summer 9:00~20:00 9:00~20:00 9:30~18:30
July and August
Winter 9:00~17:00 9:00~17:00 9:30~16:00
January, February, November, December"

Ticket & Guide

"Physical challenged friendly facilities:
The park is installed with wheel chair ramps, toilets, and priority line for the ride.
expenditure brief:
Leofoo Village Tickets
Adult: TWD 999 (age 18 & over)
Student: TWD 899 (students age 12 & over)
Children: TWD 699 (children over 120 cm and under age of 12)
Special Offer: TWD 499 (children height from 100-120 cm)
Special Offer: TWD 399 (pregnant women, physically challenged, and elders over 60)

Ambitious Tickets
Adult: TWD 1299 (age 18 & over)
Student: TWD 1199 (students age 12 & over)
Children: TWD 999 (children over 120 cm and under age of 12)
Special Offer: TWD 699 (children height from 100-120 cm)
Special Offer: TWD 699 (pregnant women, physically challenged, and elders over 60)

The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice."
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From the south on National Highway No.3: take Guansi interchange (79k) and continue for approximately 4 km
From the north on National Highway No.1: travel south and take 52k Airport System interchange (sta. 52k), then travel toward Yingge on National Highway No.2. Continue to National Highway No.3 and travel south. Take Guansi interchange (79k) and continue for approximately 4 km
 You can reach Leofoo Village Theme Park by the following bus services:

E-go Bus (Direct)
Stops: Songshan Airport > Zhongxiao Dunhua > Gongguan > Xiulang Elementary School > Zhiguang High School of Commerce and Industry > MRT Jingan Station > Leofoo Village
Departure Time:Click here │Information hotline:(02) 2796-5665
 Taichung Bus
Route:Taichung→Longtan→switch to taxi →Leofoo Village
Stops:Taichung Bus Station, Chaoma StationApproximate travel cost (for reference only): Taichung> Longtan (one way): NT$ 185>Taxi to Leofoo Village: NT$ 300   
  You can also take Taiwan Railway trains toChungli Station,and switch toHsinchu Bus to reach Leofoo Village Theme Park
Departure Time: Click here │ Information hotline: (03)425-3121
 Taxi cab services are also available for direct travel to Leofoo Village Theme Park
 Taiwan Taxi Co.
Dial direct 55688>press 1 after call connection and enter code53168>press # to confirm Click here for rates