Nanliao Harbor(Hsinchu Fish Harbor)

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  • Phone:+886 03 536 7911
  • Address:No.261, Nanliao St., North Dist., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Nanliao Harbor is located at Hsinchu's North District, on Nanliao Street, No.261. It's also known as "Hsinchu Fishing Harbor". In the past, it was a commercial harbor that dealt with inner-island trade. Located at the west bank of the Touqian River, "Zhuqian Harbor", was established during the Japanese occupation era. The father of the Rpublic of China came to Taiwan, landing at the harbor, thus making it a relay point for Taiwan's fishing boats in both the north and south due to the military confrontations between the two shores. In Minguo Year 38, construction was completed. After expansion, regardless of the number of fishing vessels or catches, it was said that the port was a top quality amongst the Tao (Taoyuan), Zhu (Hsinchu), and Miao (Miaoli) areas. Nanliao Old Harbor's surounding settlement is also one of Hsinchu's earliest areas of development. Nanliao Harbor is the terminal point on the route for fishing boats heading from both north to south and south to north. In Minguo Year 89, the Nanliao Twin Harbor Redevelopment Plan was carried out, letting Nanliao Harbor transform into one of Hsinchu's landmarks. 
Nanliao Harbor contains a fishing sales center, covering 1,200 pings in total and standing two stories tall. The first floor features a fresh seafood area. The most commonly encountered catches include red seabream, porgy, yellow croaker, butterfish, beltfish, Japanese sea bass, bass, cuttlefish, abalone, clam, live prawn, squid, freshly opened oyster, and lobster. In addition to the variety of seafood, there's also processed dry goods. The second floor contains the seafood delicacy area. You may first buy seafood from the first floor, then head upstairs have a vendor stall stir-fry them for you. Whether it's steamed, stir-fried, or boiled, there is a 100 yuan fee. The food court features freshly cooked fish balls, pork ball soup, oyster omelette, oyster soup, rice-flour noodles, all sorts of deep-fried seafood, fresh fish soup, sashimi, roasted squid, and fruit juice. 



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