New Moon Beach

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  • Address:Sec. 5, Fenggang Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
New Moon Beach is located at the foot of Fenggang Road, Section 5, in Zhubei City of Hsinchu County. The beach is named due to its crescent-shaped bend. The coastline spans 4 kilometers long, and it is a free seawater bathing spot. Music festivals are often hosted here. The beach features toilets, changing rooms, rinsing stations, activity center, lookout platforms, trails, and other facilities. Visitors may play with the sand and water, see hermit crabs, and experience ATVs, jet ski, sail boats, and children's play equipment. It's also a popular photography destination. Occasionally, sand-sculpting competitions are held, in addition to rock concerts at night. Coast guard stations are positioned at the entrance. They are located on the second floor, while the first floor is a pavilion. The rinsing stations here provides warm water before 7 o'clock; afterwards, you can only rinse in cold water. New Moon Beach is home to rich natural ecological landscapes, as it is located in the intertidal zone of an estuary. It combines the sun with sandy beaches, sand dunes, forests, and other landscapes, and engages in fishing. New Moon Beach is one of the scenic spots of Bazi Cave, another is the Zhubei Coastal Forest Conservation Area. Bazi is the pronunciation of guava fruit in the Minnanese language. During earlier days, guava was grown in this area, and the terrain was low-lying. Nowadays, Bazi Cave is widely known for cultivating gray mullets (wuyu), and is also called "Wuyuzi". The gray mullet fish is quite expensive in the market. 


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