Hsinchu East Gate

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  • Address:No.75, Zhongzheng Rd., North Dist., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Hsinchu East Gate is located at Hsinchu's North District, Zhongzheng Road, No.75. It was established during the Yongzheng reign of the Qing Dynasty. In its older days, Hsinchu was the Pingpu people's settlement, known as "Zhuqian Shepan", or just "Zhuqian". In 1827, Sun Erzhun, governor of the Zhejiang and Fujian provinces visited and proposed the construction of a brick city wall with four gates. After agreement from the Qing, the wall was built the following year, with a perimeter of 860 zhang and a wall height of 1 zhang and 5 chi. The Cheng Huang Temple was located in the center. The east gate was called "Yingxi Gate", the west gate was called "Yishuang Gate", the south gate was called "Gexun Gate", and the north gate was called "Gongcheng Gate". The three gates of east, west, and south all feature a fort, while the north gate has two. The east gate is the only existing city gate tower of Zhuqian. It is two stories tall, and was made out of Tangshan stones and granite blocks. Nowadays, it is made of concrete and is considered a level two historic monument. The plaza in front of Yingxi Gate has been dubbed the "heart of Hsinchu", and is an outdoors city plaza that combines both traditional and modern technology. It won the "Taiwan Architecture Award of 2000", as well as the "2nd Far East Architecture Award". These awards have helped make the gate one of Hsinchu's architectural landmarks. Every weekend, the east gate holds live band music performances. The moat located next to the gate has also been rennovated and repaired. There are several kinds of fish swimming in the moat, while art and culture performances take place on the grassy lawn to the side. 


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Directions :

By Car: Zhongshan Highway (No.1) -> Exit Hsinchu -> County Highway Route 122.
By Rail: Exit Hsinchu Station -> 3 minute walk to East Gate Round about.
By Bus from Taipei: Taipei Bus Terminal -> Buses to Hsinchu directly (approx. TWD 120) -> Exit Hsinchu station -> Transit Hsinchu buses next to Hsinchu station -> Exit National Tsing Hua University station
From Taoyuan International Airport
No direct buses from Taoyuan Int’l Airport to Hsinchu directly, visitors may travel U-Bus with transit at Jhongli Transit Station