Zhang Xueliang Former Residence

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  • Address:Qingquan, Wufeng Township, Hsinchu County 311, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Zhang Xueliang Former Residence is located at Hsinchu County's Wufeng Township, in Qingquan. Zhang Xueliang was a first-class general of the Republic of China, and was known as "Shao Shuai". He was the eldest son of the Fengtian warlord Zhang Zuolin, and one of the "Four Sons of the Republic of China". His father was the leader of the Beiyang north China army, Fengtian clique. Due to Zhang Zuolin being defeated in battle, he was left with shame and disgrace. Zhang Xueliang was left as chief of staff, in charge of the adjustment and military discipline of the entire army. After his father died, he took over as administration. In 1936, Zhang Xueliang urged Chiang Kai-shek to change his policies and to put an end to the civil war and resist the Japanese. Later the Xi'an Incident broke out, and he was put under house arrest, living his life out for 50 years until Lee Teng-hui came into office. That was when he finally gained freedom. He had two wives, Yu Fengzhi, and Zhao Si. 
The former residence is located at the north side of the Qingquan Bridge. In 1963 it was destroyed by a typhoon. Due to the sensitivity of the debris and landfall area, it was unable to be rebuilt. At the original location, a historic park was established, with a picture of the former residence. It was a Japanese-style black tile farmhouse, and has preserved the living conditions of Zhang while he was under house arrest, along with stairs and a lookout post. It displays the history of anti-Japanese resistance and of the Northern Expedition. 


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