Sanmao Former Residence

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  • Address:No.262, Qingquan, Wufeng Township, Hsinchu County 311, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Sanmao Former Residence is located in Hsinchu County's Wufeng Township, Taoshan Village, Qingquan, No. 262. Sanmao's original name was Chen Maoping, however due to her being unable to write the character for "mao", her name was changed to Chen Ping. She's a famous author in Taiwan, and had published many exotic prose and humorous writings based off of her experience living in the Sahara Desert. Echo was the English name of her beloved arts teacher, Gu Fusheng, who had guided and helped her find her way. In 1974, Chen Ping married her husband Jose, in the Sahara. At the request of Ping Xintao, the editor-in-chief of Taiwan's "United Daily News", she began to use "Sanmao" as a pen name. However, Jose later lost his life in a diving accident. In 1991, Sanmao was hospitalized due to the growth of an abnormal tumor, and was later discovered to have committed suicide in a hospital ward. From 1983 to 1986, a red brick house on the east side of the Qingquan No.1 Suspension Bridge was rented from the indigenous peoples, as a place for writing inspiration. However, Sanmao herself never stayed in the house, and instead rented it out to a friend, while the rent money was given to the local church. 


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