Ruanqiao Rainbow Village

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  • Address:Ruanqiao Village,Dongfeng Rd., Zhudong Township, Hsinchu County 310, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Ruanqiao Rainbow Village is located at Hsinchu County's Zhudong Township, Dongfeng Road, Ruanqiao Community. As its name implies, it is a colorful painted Hakka settlement. The rainbow village originated due to the community's old brick buildings and the aging mossy walls. As a result, Wu Zunxian proposed to the village head, Peng Songju by offering himself as a volunteer for painting. Both sides of the road, the telephone poles, and exterior walls of the village residences were then painted with colorful designs, bringing a vivid sense of Hakka customs and community. The community features the Ruanqiao hydraulic power plant, bicycle lane, sanheyuan restaurant, Ruanqiao Store, Hakka Wall, Thousand-Person Painted House, and more. The sanheyuan restaurant utilizes organic ingredients in their food, and incorporates a kiln as well as afternoon tea. Ruanqiao Store is a tangerine shop that has been in business for decades. The Hakka Wall is a connected bamboo wall, with interesting Hakka poems written onto it. The Thousand-Person Painted House is called that precisely due to its colorful designs painted by many people. Within the building, marble soda, delicacies, and woodworks are sold, but it also provides children's playthings and toilets. Travelers who come here to take pictures should pay attention to traffic safety. While the roads are not big, many cars come and go at fast speeds. Do not forget to mind your own safety when taking photos. 


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1、國道三號竹林交流道下,循指標往竹東市區,過竹林大橋後沿指標往五峰(122縣道)即可抵達 。

2、台68快速道路往竹東走到底右轉接台3線後,循指標左轉東峰路,往五峰(122縣道)即可抵達 。