19 Hectares Grassland

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  • Address:Ln. 167, Dahu Rd., Xiangshan Dist., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan View on Map
The green grasslands located within Hsinchu's Xiangshan area take up around 64 hectares.  In the past, it belonged to the Hsinchu branch of the Executive Yuan's  Livestock Research Institute. Nowadays, it still retains the sight of its original pasture areas as well as the original forests. Within the area are green grasslands, grassland no.1, grassland no. 2, grassland no.3, and cherry blossom grasslands, for a grand total of 5. Green Trail and Cherry Blossom Avenue run alongside the entrance and exits (Dapingding, Dahu Road, Lane 7).  In addition, there's the horizontal Sweet Maple Alley,  Deciduous Alley,  Grassland Avenue, and many other alleys and trails. In Hsinchu City, it's rare to come across a natural forest. So every year, the municipal government plants anywhere from 15,000 to 25,000 new plants in order to keep on increasing the amount of green space. Large and vast in size, it'll take 4 to 5 hours to walk through all 5 grasslands. Public toilets are available everywhere. The park is suitable for not just talking a walk, but also for dog-walking. Relax your whole body after a week of stressful work. Come here with a few friends and chat or have a cheerful picnic! 


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Prov. Hwy 1→To Zhunan - Sec. 5, Zhonghua Rd.→Yuanpei St.→Siangcun Rd→Dapingdin
Take Bus 23 from Zhonghua Rd. Bus Terminal, get off at Yikou Stop. Walk throngh Siangcun Rd then turn right to Dapingdin. Walk along the road then find the Entry of Grassland.