Hsinchu Guan Di Temple

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  • Phone:+886 03 522 1339
  • Address:No.109-1, Nanmen St., East Dist., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Hsinchu Guan Di Temple is located at No. 109-1, Nanmen Street, of Hsinchu City's East District. During the Qing Dynasty, the government encouraged the people to believe in the ruling emperor, and educated them on devoting themselves to the country to strengthen the Qing government. Then during the Japanese occupation period, Japan regarded the temple as an official asset, and military police were stationed. As a result, the temple terminated all religious activities, and it wasn't restored until three years later. At the end of World War II, US forces bombed Taiwan, and Guan Di Temple was damaged by the shells. In order to raise money for military expenses, Japan then sold the temple to the Zhang and Shen families. When Taiwan was liberated, the Zhang and Shen families, along with other individuals, donated generously to raise temple funds. In the 41st year of the Republic of China, the Guan Di Temple was restored and construction completed. In 1977, the Guan Di Temple and Yue Fei Temple were merged and renamed "Wusheng Temple". However, it was later changed back to "Hsinchu Guan Di Temple". It features 7 mountain sceneries, worship pavilions, and walls. 
The temple is a three alcove-styled building. Due to the nature of the temple, instead of the doors featuring a door god, it utilizes 108 door nails instead. Another standout feature is columns in front of the Sanchuan Hall, which does not use the dragon pillars typically utilized by most normal temples. Both sides are not decorated too excessively. Many well-preserved monuments can be found within, such as plaques donated by the military, and distinct wood carvings. The deities worshipped here include Emperor Guansheng, Lord Guan, Emperor Wenchang, Cang Jie, and more. 



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