Xinpu Jupu Farm

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  • Phone:+886 03 589 9612
  • Address:No.2, Ln. 752, Xinlong Rd., Xinpu Township, Hsinchu County 305, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Xinpu Jupu Farm is located in Hsinchu County, Xinpu Township, on Xinlong Road, Lane 752, No.2. The head of the farm, Wu Jiajin, is a retired teacher who invested in the production of organic vegetables due to his passion for the land. The farm features walking trails, butterfly areas, firefly areas, ecology area, bonsai area, aquatic plant area, nursery, farm display, on-site organic fruit and vegetable picking, children's play area, tea-making area, a Hakka dining hall, Jupu Trail, Longjing Trail, and more. Railroad sleepers and granite slabs are also laid out to create a path, 3.5 kilometers long. It takes approximately one hour to walk on the path, and scenic spots encountered along the way include the Lover's Valley, Meirenshan, Rugushan, and more. Many rare herbs, plants, pine trees, fruit trees, ferns, and so forth can be seen as well. Animals include crested serpent eagles, butterflies, and horned beetles. Every year during the flower blooming season, the area becomes packed with people. The fruits and vegetables at the farm are all grown organically, and are completely free of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The Xinpu Township Office and Farmer's Association established a Jupu Vegetable Production Group in order to produce high-quality vegetables. Fruits and vegetables such as Chinese spinach, celery, sweet potato, water spinach, and other short term leafy vegetables are amongst those grown. 


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Everyday 06:00-20:00

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北一高竹北交流道 ﹥沿118縣道往新埔 ﹥新埔鎮市區十字路口(7-11超商) ﹥沿115縣道往龍潭方向即可抵達。
北二高龍潭交流道 ﹥沿竹桃20道路往新埔方向約六公里即可到達。
北二高關西交流道 ﹥沿118縣道往新埔 ﹥新埔鎮市區十字路口(7-11超商) ﹥沿115縣道往龍潭方向即可抵達。
搭車可至新竹客運新竹站 ﹥往新埔 ﹥轉搭往龍潭方向,於仁義站下車即可抵達。