Jiuxionghu Recreational Farm

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  • Phone:+886 03 588 1311
  • Address:Zhaomenjiuqionghu, Xinpu Township, Hsinchu County 305, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Jiuxionghu Recreational Farm is located at Hsinchu County's Hsinpu Township, Zhaomenjiuxionghu. The Hakka people called the depression in the land, a "lake",  since Jiuxuonghu was shaped like one. However, it's not actually a real lake. It's also known as "Zhaomen Recreational Farm". Jiuxionghu Recreational Farm was honored with the "2007 Top 10 Classic Farming and Fishing Village" award, which is known as an "Agricultural Oscar". It is situated in an area full of fruits and dried persimmons. Within the farm, there's the Lin Family Orchard, bamboo garden, Laowu Snack Bar, Fuming New Farm, Jingpingteng Snacks, Luoyusong Ecology Area, Chen Family Farm, Pitangwo Nature Ranch, Guangfeng Pavilion, Liu Family Stewed Chicken, Zhou Family Sightseeing Farm, Jingu Farm, Ming Pond, hiking trails, farm-style coffee, flowerbeds, and more. There's a total of 9 trails. During earlier days, they connected to the outer roads, and were only converted into nature trails later on. Amongst them, the Guannan, Jiyue, and Feifeng Trails are the most distinctive. There's also the Zhongkeng, Huaizu, and Jiufu Trails. Plant species here include cypress, bamboo, boat orchids, aquatic plants, and camphor, while animal that can be seen along the trails include butterflies, multi-colored birds, and fishes. 


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