Safulak Art Village

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  • Phone:+886 03 576 0108
  • Address:No.63, Shanhu Rd., Baoshan Township, Hsinchu County 308, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Safulak Art Village is located in Hsinchu County's Baoshan Township, on No.63 Shanhu Road. "Safulak" is the former name of Baoshan Shanhu Village, and it is a hilly terraced land with sandy soil. The soil and water conservation is often neglected, and after heavy rains, floating sand can be found everywhere in the creek, hence the name "Safulak", which means "sandy lake". The art village was built in the year 1974, and contains three cultural and historical buildings. One of the brick bungalows in the area built during the Japanese occupation era was the former residence of Mr. Gu Yaoji. Mr. Gu's children placed at the top during the national university examinations. Therefore it is named "Zhuangyuan  (Top-Scorer) House", and currently acts as a cafe. The other two buildings are now an indoor exhibition and event venue for the village. The art village possesses two suspension bridges, Safulak Cafe, Safulak Green Shop, lake trail, sales area, and more. The cafe meals uses different seasonal fruit, and they are themed too, ranging from the green olives of December to April, tung blossoms of April to May, green bamboo shoots of May to July, and grapefruits of September to October. The Green Shop sells flowers and plants, hand-made materials, handmade soap, and other commodities. Plants planted in the village include eucalyptus, olive, acacia, and tung blossoms, with fruits and vegetables including green bamboo shoots, green olives, citrus, pear, and pumpkin.  


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