Bagun Leisure Farm

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  • Phone:+886 03 5856351
  • Address:No.311-2, Taoshan, Wufeng Township, Hsinchu County 311, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Bagun Leisure Farm is located within the Bailan Tribe, at No.311-2, Wufeng Township, Hsinchu County. The farm was established in 1991 and covers an area of around 7,000 pings. It features a resort cabin, farm orchard, camping area, and other facilities. Bailan Tribe is situated 1080 meters above sea level, and the farm is located on the mountaintops. With such a location, it offers beautiful views of the sunrise, sea of clouds, mountains, stars, flowers, and scenery. If you register more than 20 campers at once, you'll be offered a free traditional Atayal delicacy: ground mochi. The usual fruit picking activities here are peach, plums, honey plums, persimmons, alpine organic vegetables, and more depending on the season. The B&B restaurant serves Hsinchu cuisine (Atayal cuisine), and utilizes seasonal vegetables and mountai chickens, in addition to selling rice wine. The farm is planted with many species of cherry blossoms, maples, peach blossoms, and wildflowers. Nearby attractions inclue Bailan Mountain, Egongji Mountain, Niaozui Mountain, Dawo Mountain, Biling Mountain (Nanbiling Divine Trees), Baxian Waterfall, Tuchang Bridge, Qingquan, Qingquan Hot Springs, Dabajian Mountain, and many more interesting scenic spots. 


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Everyday 08:00-21:00

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1 下北二高芎林交流道之後請往竹東方向前行約2.5公里右轉上竹林大橋
  2 一過竹林大橋即左轉(請不要下橋,遇到紅綠燈就左轉)走北興路到底(約2.8公里),即為竹東榮民醫院,右轉(中豐路/亦是台3線)
  3 前行300公尺到達7-11和中油加油站的十字路口(此處為下公館),左轉即為 "縣122"縣道, 前行約13.8公里(縣122,第35.5公里處)右轉上山
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1. 您也可以在42.5公里處右轉可以抵達涼山亭(休息站)岔路,但這一條路比較小,而且有如九彎十八拐,如在夜間或有濃霧時不建議您使用這一條路。
2. 另一個選擇是在50.5公里處(已經過了清泉)右轉約 3.5公里可以抵達如下所述的岔路

  5 從涼山亭直行6.2公里,又有一個岔路,此時內側有一個大型的觀光指示牌,請右轉,再行300公尺有一小岔路左轉上山一直走到山頂,此時您會看見一座瞭望台和數棵松樹,請左轉約300公尺就到了