Qingquan Scenery Area

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  • Address:No.95, 6th Neighborhood, Da’ai, Wufeng Township, Hsinchu County 31141, Taiwan View on Map
When on the road heading towards Dabajian Mountain, you'll pass by a small village: this is Qingquan, well known for their hot springs. Within Qingquan Scenic Area, there are 4 suspension bridges that span over 100 meters. These bridges are aged, and are currently Wufeng Township's oldest and most well-intact suspension bridges. In addition, within the scenic area there's also the Qingquan Trail, Taoshan Trail, waterfalls, mountain relics, and other wonderful scenery. Many of the trails allow visitors to easily enter the mountain forests and enjoy their atmosphere. The most famous area within Qingquan Scenic Area would be the hot springs. Qingquan Hot Springs are also known as Jiangjun (General) Hot Springs. Because General Zhang Xueliang's former residence is located right next to the hot springs, you can also take the time to visit the residence. Inside, there are many stories about the life of Zhang Xueliang. There's even a Catholic church inside the scenic area, novelist Sanmao's former residence, and other scenic spots worth visiting. When heading towards Dabajian Mountain, you should definitely make a stop here. Stray away from the noisy city life, take a look at the romance left behind by Sanmao and Zhang Xueliang's magnificent past, and admire the endless beauty of the mountains. 


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Nat'l Hwy 3 → Zhulin Interchannge → county Rd 120 → county Rd 123 → county Rd 122 → Qingshi Road
Take THSR to Hsinchu Station, transfer the train to Zhudong Station, take Hsinchu Bus (bound for Qingquan) to Qingquan stop.