Sanyi Shanbanqiao Leisure Farm

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  • Phone:+886 037-875766 Fax:+886 037-876037
  • Address:No.138, Shuangliantan, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County 367, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Sanyi Shanbaoqiao Leisure Farm is located in Miaoli County's Sanyi Township, at Shuangliantan, No.138, and at the same time it also acts as a cultural life musuem. Once a wood-carving studio, it was transformed into its current state in Minguo Year 88 by owners Lin Wenyuan and Peng Feiyu. Due to their love for Peking opera masks, the farm was also transformed into an interesting creative space for teaching activities to the public, with the activities ranging from impromptu parent-child painting, face painting, and customized clay statues. The farm also features various sorts of animals and plantlife. There's Hakka gourmet meals, vanilla biscuits, vanilla tea, and coffee to be tried at the farm restaurant, and activities such as camping, farm life experience, and ecology observation are available. For groups of 20 or more, guided tours are available, subject to prior payment and reservation first. Furthermore, the DIY classrooms have many DIY art activities. Finally, there's even a wide range of trip options, such as half-day trips, one-day trips, two-day trips, and much more, all designed to cater to the needs of different visitors. 


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