Huatao Kiln

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  • Phone:+886 03 774 3611
  • Address:No.31, Nanshi, Yuanli Township, Miaoli County 358, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Huatao Kiln is located at No.31, Nanshi, Yuanli Township, in Miaoli County. It was built by an artist, Chen Wenhui in 1984, and combines red and black Taiwanese tiles with Dutch-style bricklaying. Huatao Kiln is built on the mountain, as the thick acacia forest growing on the mountain is the best source of firewood for burning in the kiln. The pottery that is burned is therefore called "acacia pottery", and the wood burning and studio is the heart of Huatao. Divided into a total of two parts, the area features a humanities garden and ecological plant park and an art garden where pottery is taught. The park also contains old appliances, restaurants, firewood burning kiln, garden pavilion, exhibition room, pottery studio, and acacia trees. Half-day tours are available, in addition to DIY courses. 
Some of the many plants ecology in the area include water lilies, maples, mountain cherries, camellias, tung blossoms, plum blossoms, eucalyptus, and lotus, while wildlife include swallowtail butterflies, blue-spotted butterflies, purple butterflies, and many more. 



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Tuesday to Sunday 09:30-16:30
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2、國道三號:由苑裡交流道下,再轉接縣道140(往三義方向),至130甲縣道10.5公里處紅綠燈路口左轉, 約行駛2.5公里可看見華陶窯停車場。