Tongxiao Qiumao Garden

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  • Phone:+886 03 7792648
  • Address:No.20, Tongwan, Tongxiao Township, Miaoli County 357, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Tongxiao Qiumao Garden is located in Miaoli County's Tongxiao Township, Tongwan Li, No.20. During Minguo Year 65, Mr. Huang Qiumao, a Chinese native, invested in two theme parks. One is located at Tainan's Kunshen beach, while the other is Tongxiao's Qiumao Garden. When he was younger, Huang Qiumao grew up impoverished. Therefore, he was determined to strive higher and give back to the country; once he became rich, he devoted himself to public undertakings. Qiumao Garden does not charge tickets and is open for visitors to freely tour. Tongxiao Qiumao Garden covers an area of 4 hectares, and the landscape within consists mainly of manmade statues, including the zodiac, Journey to the West, the Eight Immortals, Confucius, and more, in addition to statues of cows and shepherds that symbolize the park founder's childhood. There are many pavilions, statues, oriental temples, and western churches, and all of the statues are created on the basis of peace and friendship. As the park has been in disrepair due to recent years, visitors are advised to carefully maintain all facilities within. 


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Everyday 08:00-17:00

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