Yingcai Tourist Night Market

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  • Address:Yingcai Rd., Miaoli City, Miaoli County 360, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Yingcai Tourist Night Market is located in Miaoli County, Miaoli City, on Yingcai Road. It covers an area of 1,700 pings and was originally farmland. Nowadays, it can accomodate more than 200 stalls and booths, and is open every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Popular foods include roast corn, Zhongbu barbecue, fragrant fried chicken, deep fried squid, squid soup, fried pork chop, jellied tofu, Dongshan duck, natural teas, papaya milk, stinky tofu, scallion pancake, sweet potato balls, fresh milk tea, fruit, roast octopus, and more! 


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苗栗火車站往南走為公路25 秒 (69 公尺)
向右轉,繼續沿為公路前進2 分 (200 公尺)
繼續走社寮街前往建功街/苗27-1鄉道3 分 (950 公尺)
繼續走建功街。開到英才路4 分 (1.1 公里)