Wanggaoliao Nightscape Park

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  • Address:Zhongtai Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 408, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Wanggaoliao Nightscape Park is located within Taichung's Nantun District, on Zhongtai Road, and is also known as "Wangtiankan". It's the highest peak on the Dadu Mesa, and is a large cliff that stands at high point overlooking the skyline of Taichung City, Dadu River, Dadu Mountain, Linniu Mountain, Hongyang Bridge, Xiping Mountain, Guanri Mountain, Naitong Mountain, Chelong Mountain, Wufengqi Mountain, Touke Mountain, Tougui Mountain, Wangtian Precipice, and other landscapes. Changhua Plain is located on the opposite side, as well as Taichung Port. Several military bunkers are located around Wanggao, and in 2006, the Taichung City Government registered these buildings as historical buildings. They include the post-war A01 bunker, the post-war A02 bunker, post-war A03 bunker, post-war A04 bunker, and bunker No.13 from World War II. These bunkers were built during the second world war by the Japanese in order to avoid air attacks by the US military. The height of the bunkers are quite high, so please do not randomly climb on them. Others are also not open for visits, so please pay attention to the signboards around. The park is equipped with facilities such as an outdoor performance stage, observation deck, wooden plank trails, and star-gazing area. Due to its remote location, many people flock to Wanggao in order to observe the nighttime scenery. 


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往東北走中山路朝建國路前進1 分 (76 公尺)
繼續走建國路。走建國北路三段、建國北路二段、建國北路一段、環中路五段…和永春南路前往大肚區的中台路28 分 (13.3 公里)